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Alaska - Go client for Certstream

Alaska is a small wrapper around the Go client for Certstream. It allows you to get the certificates in real time and save them in a SQLite database. There is an small front end in React (imported remotely) and an API with Gin Gonic.


git clone
go build cmd/alaskad.go
go build server.go

You need a version of Go that has go modules.


You can run only the server as:


If you don't have already a database, it will create a certs.db database for you and run the appropriate migrations.

And there is a command line tool to allow you to get the certstream stream:


After, visit http://localhost:3000 to see the main page. There is a small extract of data but the interesting part is the API.


Alaska doesn't return you the entire model from Certstream for the moment. It creates a simpler model that focuses on threat hunting (and can and/or will be improved):

type Certificate struct {
	Aggregated  string `json:"aggregated"`
	C           string `json:"C"`
	ST          string `json:"ST"`
	L           string `json:"L"`
	O           string `json:"O"`
	OU          string `json:"OU"`
	CN          string `json:"CN"`
	Fingerprint string `json:"fingerprint"`


Returns 100 random certs from your database.


This will run a search on the CN field or the fingerprint field and return you a possible result.


  • Search implemented in the frontend
  • Better frontend
  • Fullest models
  • Upstream filters that don't save domains from a list
  • Customizable configuration


GNU General Public License v3.0