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## Understanding paths
Paths are the base of the structure of your operating system. You have to think of it like a tree (there is even a command to show you the whole structure of your folders called `tree` -- try it out!).
For example:
home folder
| sub folder
| | sub sub folder
| | file in sub sub folder.txt
| second sub folder
Your home folder (`/home/your_username`) is usually abreaviated by `~`. So for example the "Documents" folder in your home folder is marked as `~/Documents`. This is how the structure works for the example above:
home folder/sub folder/sub sub folder/file in sub sub folder.txt
## Basic command line
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## Run programs in command line
You can feel like a real hacker from movies while just using your terminal. So this means you can run program in the command line. Already the few examples above are small programs. To run a program you have to write the name of the program you want to run and options and then press "enter" to run it.
Many programs have a manual to explain how to use them, you can access it by using the `--help` or `-h` option. Try typing: `cat --help` and then press enter in your terminal.