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# Introduction
In this tutorial, we are going to learn the first steps to work with your browser during CTF challenges. We are going to cover basic steps and basic overview of the tools that are already available to you. Browsers are very complex pieces of code that we use everyday, they offer you not only the capacity to navigate the Internet but also tools to analyse website.
## Why do we need browsers?
You don't actually need browsers to navigate on the Internet, you can do that through the command line (see our section about the command line). Browsers, however, give you a graphic interface to visualize website among other things. Moreover, the Web (which is not the same thing as the Internet -- LINK) is built with Web-pages and those pages are displayed to a human audience thanks to the browser.
For CTF challenges, it is preferrable to use Firefox or Chrome as they offer extensive tools for this.
## What is the anatomy of a web page?
## Tools available in Firefox and Chrome
In this section, we are going to see a couple of tools you can use to solve challenges. There are more and you can customize your toolbox with a large and extensive number of tools but in this part
### Inspector
### Console
### Debugger
### Style Editor
### Network